What happens when I submit my application?

You will receive a confirmation email immediately upon submitting your application and within 48 hours a volunteer administrator will contact you. You will learn directly how the timebank works, be able to ask any questions before becoming a full-fledged member.

How is the timebank coordinated?

Currently, the timebank is overseen by a team of awesome volunteers who work with the online system, orient new members, plan potlucks and other events, develop promotional materials and contribute to a monthly newsletter. We are always looking for new volunteers to be part of this dynamic team. Reach out to Charlotte, Amanda, Virginia, Angi or Shelley if you are interested in co-creating our community timebank with us!

Is timebanking the same as bartering?

No. Timebanking is based solely on the exchange of time, not goods. While timebanking is tax-exempt, bartering is not.

How can I trust other members?

As in any relationship, trust between members will build as you get to know each other. Similar to other online exchanges, you can see how others have rated previous member exchanges and how many exchanges a member has made. In the member-only section of the website you can read about individual members and the services they offer and contact them directly. We have quarterly timebank potlucks to help facilitate face-to-face interaction.

Offering and Receiving?

The timebank exists on the premise that EVERYONE has gifts to offer and EVERYONE has needs. Take a look at the long but not exhaustive list of possible offerings (link). You will no doubt be reminded of skills you never thought might be valuable to someone else. Once you are a member look at what members of our community are offering and you may be surprised by the variety of services you could receive. Share what you have to offer with our community and give someone else a chance to share their gifts!

Why is everyone’s time given the same value?

It might seem crazy that someone is paid the same, whether she is doing website design or pulling weeds, but this turns out to be the core of what makes timebanking work. In a caring economy, everyone is valued equally as an important member of the community and everyone’s time is valued equally- just like it is inside a family.

How is member privacy protected?

The information you give to Deep River Timebank is secure and password-protected. You can restrict your information to the timebank administrator only, members of Deep River Timebank only, or all members of  hOurworld timebanks worldwide.

What if I don’t have an internet connection at home?

You will be assigned a computer buddy and either of you can establish an email address on one of the free Internet services (yahoo, hotmail, gmail etc.). Your computer buddy will check it for you or you can check it yourself at a local public library.

How can I meet other Timebankers?

You can meet other members through volunteering with the Coordinating Committee or by attending our quarterly potlucks or other events. Actively exchanging on a regular basis with other members is the best way to make connections with our community members.

How do I find out about new offers?

You will receive a weekly email notification of new offers and of course, you can also log in and check the website yourself at anytime.

What is the Deep River Dive?

This is our monthly email newsletter. In it you will find information about upcoming events, read member spotlights, and articles of interest to our Deep River Timebank community.

What makes the Deep River Timebank Community so special?

Our community is built on the foundation of principles including equality, interdependence and respect. We value each person’s contribution and together form a web of strong, supportive connections.