Who We Are

Deep River Timebank was organized by a group of volunteers who believe in the power of community and that together we have everything we need to live in harmony with the planet. Abundance NC was the meeting place for these founders, and it makes sense since the mission of Abundance is also about the strength of community to support prosperity.

We are: Charlotte Vetter, Shelley Buisson, Angela Parrish, Virginia Chambers and Amanda Robertson

If you’d like to volunteer time to help with the timebank, we welcome you! The hours donated to support the workings of the timebank also earn time credits!

Mission Statement

The Deep River Timebank is committed to fostering the well-being of our community by providing an exchange network of as currency that strengthens social interdependence and honors the wealth that is our collective abundance of skills and unique gifts. We value each person’s usefulness. Deep River Timebank is built on a foundation of respect and equality for all in our multicultural community and supports ecologically sustainable practices which promote community resilience.

Guiding Principles

Our Gifts
The real wealth of a society is its people and their precious time. Everyone has many valuable skills to offer. Deep River Timebank honors all individuals’ unique talents and we seek opportunities to help others express their gifts.

Timebanking is not charity. Just as we all have gifts, we all have needs. Each member of Deep River Timebank provides services and receives services. Through these exchanges as both givers and receives, we come to value ourselves and each other as whole human beings.

Redefining Work
At Deep River Timebank, all time is valued equally. We honor all work, including raising children and preserving families, making neighborhoods safe and vibrant, caring for the fragile and vulnerable and educating each other to be equal partners in a strong, resilient and dynamic community.

Deep River Timebank accepts members as they are. We engage others without judgment and seek to broaden our own perspectives.

The Deep River Timebank community focus is to build a circle of diverse relationships through a multitude of exchanges within our community web. This strong social fabric encourages community engagement. Individuals have the possibility to use their gifts for their own and for the common good.

Ecological Sustainability
Deep River Timebank recognizes the ecological boundaries of our planet, and wants to further the reduction of our environmental impact. We therefore support ecologically sustainable and local production, the recycling of goods, and sharing.

Multicultural Community
Deep River Timebank values the diverse nature of our local community, in culture, age, economic status and education. Each individual is a valued member of our community. Everyone has an equal opportunity to give time and receive help.

Cooperation and Just Decision-making Procedures
Deep River Timebank affirms the importance of open and frequent communication with its members. We aim to prevent conflict and increase mutual understanding. We provide equal opportunities for every member to participate in the development of the timebank.